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Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. It is an established internationally recognized manual medicine system of analysis and treatment, which lays its main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the musculoskeletal system.
Manual osteopaths use a variety of hands-on physical treatments. These include soft tissue techniques, osteo- articular joint mobilization, cranial osteopathy (osteopathy in the cranial field), visceral manipulation, strain/ counterstrain technique, lymphatic drainage, spinal manipulation, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release technique, trigger point therapy, etc. These techniques are normally employed together with exercise, dietary, and occupational advice in an attempt to help patients recover from pain, disease and injury.
European style Osteopaths do not prescribe medications or perform surgery, while American style osteopaths perform surgery and prescribe medications as well as using osteopathic techniques in managing a patient’s condition.

What Is Osteopathy?: Our Clinic
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