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Manual Osteopath

Having played different sports all his life, Blake developed an interest in the human body at a very young age. After suffering many injuries over the course of his career in athletics, he has seen many different types of health practitioners to help him recover. This helped him decide on his career in Manual Osteopathy.
Blake graduated from Seneca college with a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and then went on to the National Academy of Osteopathy located in Toronto, Ontario.
Blake’s goal in his treatment is to reduce pain and increase range of motion for the patient. He will take a medical history and will sit with you to understand your expectations for the treatments and talk you through what may happen going forward including if you should also see another practitioner.
Blake uses a variety of mobilization techniques along with some deep or superficial soft tissue techniques, craniosacral techniques and kinesiology taping to help promote healing and helping you feel the best that you can. He tailors each appointment to the patient and as he feels necessary, will give exercises to do at home to help the healing process further.

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